ELEMENTARY GEOMETRY What is Solid Body in Geometry

What is Solid Body in Geometry

The objects we see around us can be seen by looking closely, they each occupy some space, and they are called solid body in the language of geometry. That is, the solid body occupies space. Each solid object must have three dimensions. Namely – length, width and height. So the solid object is three-dimensional.

Examples of solid body are houses, books, books, chairs, chairs, pencils, etc.


Definition of Solid Body

The objects or substances that occupy some space and which have length, width, and height are called cubes.


Different types of Solid Figures

There are two types depending on the shape – Regular Solid and Irregular Solid.

Regular Solid

The solids that are consistent are called regular solid. Examples – balls, bricks, books, books, etc.

Regular Solid

Irregular Solid

Unbalanced exterior objects are called irregular solid. Examples – broken bricks, mountains, pieces of coal, etc.

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