ELEMENTARY GEOMETRY What is Geometry or Definition of Geometry

All You Need to Know About Geometry

Before understanding the definition of geometry let us first discuss the history of geometry.
Like arithmetic and algebra, geometry is also a part of mathematics. From ancient times the practice of geometry is going on.


History of Geometry

The Nile is the main river in Egypt. And every year, all the boundaries of the cultivated land of the cultivators were wiped out by the flood of the Nile, so it is up to the priests to redraw their boundaries. The priests began to determine it through the medium of various information. Geometry was created from this rule of land measurement.

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In ancient times, in India, the Vedic sacrificial rites were used for the construction of various altars. For this, they had to draw triangles, squares, rectangles, circles, and shapes of different shapes.

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Some of the names that come up frequently during the lapse of the geometry are Pythagoras, Aristotle, and Archimedes.

At first, the geometry information was not transcribed. The first book on geometry is Euclid’s ‘ELEMENTS’. The Greek philosopher Euclid is called the father of geometry.

Remarkably, Pythagoras, a well-known student of the famous Greek scholar Thales, made further improvements in geometry. He was the first to represent geometry with a logical view.

‘Geo’ means earth or land and ‘-metron’ means measurement. The word geometry really means the measurement of ground. The main purpose of a geometry lesson is to make special knowledge about the shape, volume, measurement, etc. of the object’s occupied space.


Definition of Geometry

The branch of mathematics that makes sense of the size, length, width, area, the volume of an object is called geometry.


Types of Geometry

There are two types of geometry:
Practical Geometry and Theoretical Geometry


Requirements of Geometry

The requirements of geometry are numerous. Geometry is especially helpful in reaching any decision in geometry. It will be possible to measure the land properly. It has wide applications in the mechanical and technological fields.

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