ELEMENTARY GEOMETRY Surface in Geometry and Its 2 Types

Surface in Geometry and Its 2 Types

Each solid body has one or more exteriors/faces , The exterior of the solid is called the surface in geometry. The surface has length and width but not height (negligible). So the surface is two dimensional.


Definition of Surface in Geometry

Which has a length, width, but thickness is negligible and by which a solid is surrounded is called surface.


Types of Surface

Planes are of two kinds. And they are – Flat Surface/ Plane and Curved Surface.

surface in geometry and types of surface
Surface Types

Definition of Flat Surface Or Plane

A surface that is even or smooth, not high or low, is called a plane. Such as – the surface of the mirror, the pages of the book, the surface of the floor of the house.


Definition of Curved Surface

A surface that is uneven or uneven is called a curved surface. Such as – football surfaces, stone roads.

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Properties of Surface

  1. The surface has length and width. So it is two-dimensional.
  2. The surface can be finite or infinite.
  3. Each solid is bounded by a surface.
  4. The surface can be turned into a curved surface or the curved surface into a plane.
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